All inclusive, fully furnished cottages with your choice of 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms from 1,200 sf. up to 2,400 sf. spread over 75 acres of shorefront land in the heart of Kitimat, British Columbia - Available for Occupancy in 2013!

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Pyne Hamlet Properties - Home Away From Home

Pyne Hamlet Properties takes its name from one of Kitimat's earliest settlers, a certain Mr. Jack Pyne, who originally surveyed these shore front acres in 1913.

The shorefront area that Jack originally surveyed and settled, upon which Minette Bay Lodge and Pyne Hamlet Properties sit, now has the opportunity to be redefined for the future benefit of Kitimat thanks to the needs and requirements of the incoming energy industries. It is only fitting that Pyne Hamlet Properties be created for the comforts and needs of the new pioneers of Northern BC, and bear the name of Jack Pyne, a pioneer from the past.

Pyne Hamlet Properties will be a small village, a hamlet, of attractive and brand new, oak post and beam, medieval style cottages, which will be imported from the UK. The settlement of Pyne Hamlet, nestled within the 75 acre Minette Bay Lodge shorefront property on the gorgeous coastline of Minette Bay, will be built as close as possible to zero carbon standards and will be fully-appointed and offer luxuriously green living within easy reach of the energy industries worksites. It will be a refuge where project managers and company executives will be able to relax in undisturbed collegial privacy.

Pyne Hamlet Properties will operate on a simple concept: The 70 bedroomed, 14 cottage hamlet is looking for corporations and their executives who might have an interest in reasonably priced, luxury, eco-oriented accommodations with huge character, and within easy reach of one of the most relevant energy-industry territories in North America. Pyne hamlet Properties is offering company executives and their corporations, exclusive, long term accommodations, and now encourages interest in, and the booking of, one or more of the three, four or five bedroomed cottages for the duration of industry’s various projects.

With an unprecedented number of energy projects pouring into the Kitimat area in the coming months and years, quality accommodation has already started to become a precious resource. Pyne Hamlet Properties plans to alleviate some of the pressure and elevate the local standards, in order to become the premier corporate refuge for those industries with the foresight to book accommodations at the hamlet ahead of their project start dates.

So... Instead of worrying about lengthy commutes from Terrace and beyond because of very limited or even absent accommodations within Kitimat, consider Pyne Hamlet Properties.

All inclusive, fully furnished executive cottage accommodations that will offer concierge and housekeeping services along with an on-site red seal certified chef, internet and covered parking stalls– starting as low as $200.00 a night per room. Companies will have access to amenities such as a corporate meeting room, a gourmet dining pub within just a few yards, and pedestrian friendly grounds with kilometers of jogging trails, suspension bridges and a dock for floatplane and ocean access. The attractive cottages, lovingly constructed from oak in the mediaeval idiom by the UK's celebrated ‘Border Oak’ will allow a lifestyle that is at the same time both rustic and modern, exquisitely comfortable and supremely private, the perfect environment for working people, their colleagues and their families.

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